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Apartment 26 – Kick To The Head lyrics

I tread the field again
And awake myself with my intentions.
As my deep sleep subsides
I do my best not to disrupt the rest.
My shape relies upon
A kick to the head, but I'm safe
Oh no, it seems as though a thought just leaked out.

I see something, a smoke blurred vision
Of preconceived notions. stop the snap-around with twisting action.

I feel it kicking at my head
Trying to tell me
Not to let up where I stand, now.
Well, I tell you...

I tend to fall apart
When I end up in this situation.
Watching the passing time
I hope we can escape the t.v. set.
All clues are telling us
We could have turned left at the last light.
Oh no, I think I've gone and let another thought out.

I feel something, a spatial essence
I came out screaming. stop the snap-around with twisting action.

There's something kicking at my head
Trying to tell me
Something I must ignore
To make it.

I feel it starting to fade. responsible for another downfall.
Try to resist the change. twists inside you until you pull it out.

Signal, enter, trusting, warmer, through.

Signal, say no, signal, signal the downfall. down.
Signal, say no, signal, feel, say no, say no, signal. feel.

I see it starting to fade. put down the plan for the perfect downfall.
Try to resist the change. twists inside you until you just pull it out.

I'd really like to. I really like you. [till out]

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