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We dont have to do
What you tell us to do no more
You get what you need
And you don't want it anymore
We don't cry now
We don't know how

We heard what you said
And we dont believe a word you say
The Hill is a high one
But we'll Climb it anyway
There's no doubt
You'll find out

We're the ones on the run
We're the girls we're the diamond dolls
(diamond dolls)
It's a ravenous world
And the Celing is very tall
(do do do do do do do)
Theres a weight and a climb
And a ladder and many fall
(Diamond dolls)
But the cream of crop Never stops
We're the diamond dolls!!!!

A girl Shouldnt Sit in the
Corner and wait for life
Some girls like to go out
Looking for Paradise

You'll find had it anyway
Dont look down....No matter what they say

You do what you do
And you try not to break the law
A girl hits her mark when She dont
Look ahead to far

Theres no doubt.....your gonna get it all
You'll find out...everything u want

Give a hand to the girls
Who go after the diamond dolls
(Diamond dolls)
It's a ravenous world
And the Celing is very tall
(do do do do do do do)
Theres a river that curls
To the sea and its very long
(Diamond dolls)
But the cream of the crop
Never stop Not the diamond dolls

Silver Platinum, I pass on them
You can have them, I know what I want

We're the ones on the run
We're the girls with the diamond dolls
(diamond dolls)
It's a ravenous world
And the Celing is very tall
(do do do do do do do)
Theres a weight and a climb
And a ladder and many fall
(Diamond dolls)
But the cream of crop Never stop
Not the diamond dolls!!!!

Repeat till fade

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    garyyuengDec 9, 2009 at 2:36 am
    I know it's just a Chipmunks song, but it actually has a deeper meaning out of the context of the movie. The song seems to be about, in short, about a powerful women and how they defy gender expectations. "Diamond Dolls" appears to be the term these girls use to identify themselves, adding the prefix term "diamond," meaning that they are precious (possibly rare in this world?), to the term "doll," an older (slightly sexist) phrase used to describe a woman. In ascribing value (diamond) to an identity perceived as an objectified play thing (dolls), the phrase used to describe the girls turns sexual expectations on their heads, ironically using a the phrase to convey an agency it never was intended to.

    To start at the beginning of the song, the first stanza describes how women no longer need to be submissive to men and society ("we don't have to do/what you tell us to do no more"). They are not be expected to conform to sexist expectations and hide behind their emotions ("we don't cry now/we don't know how").

    The second stanza describes how they no longer buy into the lies of society which seeks to constrain them ("we don't believe a word you said"). They know their mission of gender equality is an arduous undertaking ("the hill is a high one/but we'll clime it anyway"). It closes by mentioning how one day their society will see what they're doing.

    The first chorus describes how the women are constantly striving towards equality (they're "the diamond dolls," the brightest and best of women). They know the world is "ravenous" and hostile and that "the ceiling is very tall," which references the glass ceiling, or the invisible barrier to women's success in the world. They know there's a "weight" holding them back from their pursuit of success, and that there's a lot to loose should they fail ("a ladder with many fall"), but they're the best (the diamond dolls) and will never rest until they achieve their goal.

    The fourth stanza reiterates much of what was thematically said in the 1st and 2nd stanzas; hear saying that girls shouldn't wait for things to come to them ("sit in the/corner and wait for life" and that some girls (the diamond dolls, the brightest and best women) go looking for "paradise," or what they want.
    The next major stanza says that women do what they have to do to succeed and "try not to break the law." It states that "a girl hits her mark when she don't look ahead too far," meaning that women have to just keep going at it and focus on their immediate situation, rather than get distracted by far-flung future goals and dreams. To achieve those, they have to work and focus on their present.

    The second chorus is only modified slightly with a modification of the first two lines. Here, the phrase "diamond dolls" is used in a new way to symbolize power and success (what the diamond dolls, as women, are striving for) as an object. It goes on to say we as a society should support and celebrate the women who strive for this success ("give a hand to the girls/who go after the diamond dolls"). The only other major spoken difference between this and the first chorus is the lines which read "there's a river that winds/to the sea and it's very long," which is another way of describing how pioneering women have a long road ahead of them to achieve true gender equality.

    Finally, the last two line stanza (and the only of the two line stanzas whose meaning I feel I have to really make note of) states how the diamond dolls (here referring to powerful, intelligent women) will not except anything less than the best ("silver platinum, I pass on them/you can have them, I know what I want"). "Diamonds" (meaning the best the world has to offer) are the desired commodity, and these women won't be satisfied with/settle for anything else.

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