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alexthomasdavis – Shot Glass lyrics

I take my pills out a shot glass
Tell me that I'm not flash
Action from a wide ass
I have a drink in the morning
Tell me I'm not boring
Stops the punters yawning
I could be walking around lucky
Play a bit of hooky
Lets go down the bookies
I got my gear now I'm sorted
I'm a little sordid
All the fuses shorted
I know in time you will see
You'll drink yourself to me
So fill your glass and be
An alcoholics dream

You know I like the smell of fresh grass
Bring it to the chefs pass
Love to have the last laugh
I shoot along another highway
Through another doorway
I'm the man from milktray
Everytime that I see you
Hunger seems to eat you
Have another drive through
I take a lift from a stranger
In a rover ranger
To another mainger
Down goes another pint glass
Never wanna be last
Never wanna be slash
I love it when a film is gory
With a twisting story
Not so hunky dory
I keep an eye out for the hot rocks
Sniff around the old docks
Pick a safe with hard locks
I drink it all from my shot glass
Pay for it with hard cash
Stolen from a countash

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Submitted byAlex Thomas Davis


  • alexthomasdavis
    Alex Thomas Davis
    This song is about taking my pills from a shot glass. I played with the riff for ages and it sounded better in my head than it does on record! Oh well. Its a pretty cool little poem though, Mixing pills and drink is probably not a good thing could drink as much as I like, hey nice advice from the doc who doesn't get it!
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