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alexthomasdavis – A Good Day To Die lyrics

Everyones moved on
All the good times have been and gone

Everyones moved on
The days were short but now theyre long
And so it seems
Ill never mend these broken dreams
I dont believe
The things you werent supposed to mean
So i look back
Take the time to wonder why
Our dreams turned black
Never knew the reason why
You know
You know
Its a good day to die
Its a good day to die
Everyones on song
At least in all their own small worlds
Everyones on song
With all their people and their girls

And so it seems
Ill have to find another dream
I still believe
The things we said in fields of green

So i look down
Take the time to wonder why
I took this town
Screwed it up and said goodbye
You know
You know
Its a good day to die
Its a good day to die

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Submitted byAlex Thomas Davis


  • alexthomasdavis
    Alex Thomas Davis
    This song is about a good day to die. Pretty self explanatory. All the good times have been and gone, time to grow up... Me? Never. Adults are so boring with their politics and regulations. What a load of cods wallop. Tick will I ever grow up? Nice melody. Would make a great cover for someone.
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