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Air Supply – Goodbye lyrics

I can see the pain living in your eyes
And I know how hard you try
You deserve to have so much more
I can feel your heart and I sympathize
And I'll never criticize all you've ever meant to my life

I don't want to let you down
I don't want to lead you on
I don't want to hold you back
From where you might belong
You would never ask me why
My heart is so disguised
I just can't live a lie anymore
I would rather hurt myself
Than to ever make you cry
There's nothing left to say but good-bye
You deserve the chance at the kind of love
I'm not sure I'm worthy of
Losing you is painful to me


You would never ask me why
My heart is so disguised
I just can't live a lie anymore
I would rather hurt myself
Than to ever make you cry
There's nothing left to try
Though it's gonna hurt us both
There's no other way than to say good-bye

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  • d
    This song brings back my memories during my college days wherein I am the one who broke up with my gf for the reason that she deserves someone better. I love her but I just let her go since our relationship was not healthy anymore. From time to time, we often have arguments and she always end up crying. Although I still love her, I intend to let her go and find someone else. My heart was broken so badly when I saw her crying in front of me and begging if we could start all over again. But my decision is final although it really hurting me inside.
    Now 3 years have passed. Everytime I hear this song, it always remind me of her. And with a little regret, it made me say "I WISH I COULD TURN BACK TIME." So guys, don't be like me.
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  • u
    This song was so fitting to my relationship at that time. 1992. We were both in love to one another and still is. We were young. I had to go. I accepted a job abroad. I know it was not an option for me to stay, I need adventure, bigger and brighter future. I promised return and we will get married. Life happened. We are not both married not to each other. My heart aches every time I hear this song and memories floods through my mind and so fresh as if it was just yesterday. After 20+ years we met again. I still have feelings for him. "if you love someone you need to let of them" that exactly what he did to me.
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  • u
    This song says how I feel about my first love. Like the saying goes, "if you love something or someone so much, set them free, if it or they come back, it was meant to be. After several years our paths crossed again, I really felt this was a second chance, just to find out things never really changed. As much as it hurt the first time. Even more the second, only difference is. It would be the last, I love you and always will Laura.
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  • m
    This song is what I am listening right now. Me and my bf shared the joys and the excitements love could offer. For 1 and a half year we never had a serious fight, and then out of the blue. Just within a week. A very strong relationship was about to end today.
    "though it's gonna hurt us both, there's no other way than to say goodbye"
    I love him so much and I don't want to lose him. Now that we are in this struggle I don't know what should I say, or what to do. I cannot understand why all of a sudden a love so sweet has to end. My mind cannot understand what I am feeling. Later after work we will meet to talk about our relationship. I am full of emotions. I'm afraid, I'm sad, I feel so nervous. I keep on asking myself why do I have to see him if I will just hear him say that "it's over".
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  • l
    This song makes me bite my conscience. I lied to a guy and play with his game. But then at the end I was trapped w/the game and caught my heart falling for him. Now I'm wondering what to do. I dunno how to tell him the truth and to stop a thing that from the start I have known that would not last. Now that I'm not just starting to fall for him but seriously in love with him. Huhuhuhuh.
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