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Aidonia – Deadly Alliance (Alliance Diss) lyrics

(feat. Vybz Kartel)

Di di di di di di di

Yow Idonia while some likkle fool BUSY doing folly.
wii try stack up gunz like Grands Pen, Bordline, Jungle and Tivoli.

Whey de fuck do dem
Bang! Boom! In dem.
Adid mi daddy, whey yuh sey bang!

Den badman buss mi gun dem crabbit.
Badman lock it and load and slam it.
Berretts mi 12 guage nyam it.
De shotgun vomit, yuh head shot slam it.

Badman mek de shot dem buss out.
Inna boy head shot truck in, brain truck out.
Riffle shot butt out tongue and teeth bruk out.
Mi gun nozzle big like gal whole whey fuck out.

Den badman buss guns whey atomic.
Anywhey mi shot up dem swear sey mi bomb it.
De 44 magnum nuh jam it, mi one it, it shake up de planet tectonic.

Badman mek di gun dem kick off.
Off ah boy face bone di skin strip off.
Head top liff off, ah full clip mi half.
Mi gun buss boom! Like when yuh boom fist off.

Gunshot swell him up like hippopotamus.
Then tree shot ah bus esophagus.

new brand glock ah buss.
Yuh old one whey pot ah rust.
Coppa plus lead mek yuh bury wid a lot ah dust.

And if ah us yuh test yuh must go dung inna de pit ah dust.
Berretta thus, hollow tip ah rush up inna Nicolaus.

Ridiculous, de fif ah buss vigorous, mi nuh stick R^us or fist R^us.
De Weston whey mi friend name Smith ah buss.

De Maki buss mi Rocki plus mi Maggi just as fabulous.
K buss outrageous, spray face ups like make-up.

38 very small, riffle from Senegal.
Older than Dennis Hall.
Mek head boom like tennis ball.

throw him over Dennys wall.
6 him like Burres Hall.
Him head crack like egg when it very scall.
Lock him dung like Denniss stall.

Eagle murder fly, murder cry, nerd ah die.
Skin look like when burger fry.


The blood dem head damp, leg cramp.
Shot bite like red ant.
Gun sparks bright like head lamp.

Swell him up like gal whey pregnant.
Head bus like pendant.
Borderline gun dem nuh sell blank.

Full ah more solider then 10 camp.
And my gun dem chrome and bright like teeth whey use rembrant

Pussy come ah pose like S/blank
Morgan lane Oozy signal pon spy contestant.

Gully and Aribbin, Huggins and Wakkel Pen.
Head bruk like the bokkle dem.
And pop like the Snapple dem.

Shot out Jet Lee Nunchaku dem.
Bullet inna body like apple whey worm start hackle dem

The steel dem wha solid, ah carried, bus forid, bruk ah rib

Of one man dat watch me like Carib.
Mi guns and me married.
Mi own more petrol then Hussein, Salim, and Mohammad.


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