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Aceyalone – Push lyrics

Wicked combination
This is Zulu, 'longside the one Aceyalone, ya understand?
Now push back young one fi ya deal wit de bad man
Get wit de program

[Chorus One: Aceyalone]
Push, back, push it in my lap
Girl I never knew that you could work it like that
C'mon push, back, push it in my lap
Girl I never knew that you could work it like that c'mon

[Chorus Two: Aceyalone]
Push, back, push, back
Push, back, push, back
Push, back, push, back
Girl I never knew that you could work it like that

Big girl, bigger than the world
Push back a mountain, sweeter than a pearl
Skinny gal, got the knowhow
She push it back so hard that all you do is say WOWWW
Tall chick, push back a brick wall
Short mama push it back even when she this tall
Bottoms up and I ain't talkin 'bout Cristal
Girl tried to push me back, a like this y'all

[Chorus One]

This time, you both get in line
Girl reach for the ground like you just dropped a dime
Now whine, push back and grind
Pay me no never mind, I got you from behind
Hike the bar, I do the quarterback sneak
Bend your body like you're climbin out the back seat
Stretch out girl, train like a athlete
Push back push back, to the back beat

Bad man Zulu, said de woman dem a lass I might
Wit da verse, ah now de Zulu man a come, well
Caress cause de riddim is hype
Fi bet the one fierce dance it up, c'mon

While I search for de perfect ass (ay) watch again (ay)
Mix dem up (ay) make dem wet (ay)
Done de fierce, Zulu man dem want de gal dem bliss
Girl you can't resist, me don't shoot and miss
Zulu man, straight from the world
I love de woman and mi serve dem dere wildest dreams
I know you feel this
Your cry is like a mere mortal
Zulu man is like a sex machine
Lawd have mercy
Fierce upon de rhythm and de gal push back
Yes yeah all now Zulu man upon de track
Lightyears ahead of any competition
For de gal dem on a program I wreck

[Chorus Two]

C'mon push... push...
{, this is not a threat}

[Chorus One]

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