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Ac Dc – Riff Raff lyrics

Ya see it on television every day
Hear it on the radio
Ain't humid but it sure is hot
Down in Mexico
The police tryin' to tell me
Beginnin' of the end
Sayin' it'll bend me
Too late my friend

Riff raff
It's good for a laugh, ah ah ah
Riff raff
Go on and laugh yourself in half

Now I'm the kind of guy that keeps his big mouth shut
But don't bother me
Somebody kickin' me when I'm up
Leaves me in misery
I never shot nobody
Don't even carry a gun
I ain't doin' nothin' wrong
I'm just havin' fun

Riff raff
Well it's good for a laugh
Riff raff
Go on and laugh yourself in half

Do it again

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Corrected bydaswalker


  • u
    "gangster/thug or some who is out to just having fun for example 50 cent"
    Bless the internet for giving a 12 year old a voice but, that is retarded.
    I can't be certain but, I'm pretty sure it's not about selling crack and getting shot with your homies.
    Think more like getting out of the auto/cnc/steel/ whatever factory after 10 hours and stopping at the closest bar; beer, shots, pool, pinching the waitresses asses. Broken beer bottles and, loud a* rock. Problems were dealt with punches one on one, and it was over. It was rowdy, certainly not the animal unevolved crap that goes on today.
    I remember times like these, with my father at the bar. And I've had a few wonderful memories of my own but, somehow people became weak and a gang mentality took over. Lame.
    Pride and joy of '77.
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