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A Wilhelm Scream – Check Request Denied lyrics

I see you again, a painful reminder
A casualty of acquaintenance,
Looking for the first fuck up
God knows you must be tired
The cross you bear, your favorite shelter
The forget me not of that loyal temper
Smell you later friends

Who's gonna pay for this shit?
Well, that depends
You're sad
That you had to miss it
But you're glad
You weren't involved

When a shock to the ribs
Or a kick to the head
Didn't open up
Your lying eyes,
Despite the anger and dissent,
With our regrets,
Your check request's denied

I stared at heaven through the gates of hell
Liked the weather, couldn't stand the smell
And still I spit out razors from my bitter eyes

Tall as a banana fence, blasting cigarettes
Dull as any hammer gets
Twice the mess
Don't trust me or my temper
When I get drunk I lie
Some dummies got the affluence to match their madness
Started off at a size eleven, moved to cohasset,
Built a dollhouse for a month and cried
They're splitting at the seams, so why am i?

I stared at heaven through the gates of hell
Liked the weather, couldn't stand the smell
And still I spill out razors from my bitter eyes

It's the blood from the rock
That you can't get enough
That razor's love for bitter me
Who's batching up the harmony?
With a smile that said I'm guilty,
I stood up:
I left heaven at the gates of hell
And I am never going back

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