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4lyn – Don't Look Down lyrics

Not every day in my life has been a good one,
Not every day in my live has been bad.
I'm rollercoastin'through emotions every second,
From fine to fukked up and bakk again.
One day I'm happy and the next day I'm not.
I think that's normal, as long as it is mixed up.
How else should I know what happiness is,
If I never felt sad before and I'd never been pissed.
One feeling is the consequence of the opposite feeling.
That means, that I got to deal with the days,
When everything seems to go wrong,
As also the days that are stuffed with lovesongs.
Believe me, after the rain, there comes the sun.
It's always been like that, life cannot be just fun.
So be prepared for the days you run around with a frown...
And for days like that, I tell you something like... Don't look down.
Don't look down - if ya stressed out and wanna give up.
Don't look down - if ya worked hard but someone else's on top don't look down
If'ya boss makes you angry... It's how it is, even if it's not how it should be.
Don't look down - if your whole day looks like shit.
Don't lookdown - if you don't like your relationship.
Don't look down - if you dream about thingsyou'll never see...
It's how it is, even if it's not how it should be.
I've been with a girl for a very long time, too long, I guess!,
Cuz the relationship ment nothing but stress.
I had the band and she did her work... So she left me...
I cannot say how much I got hurt. I ran around,
Was drinkin'every bottle that I found. Broken hearted,
And alone and down to the ground. I hated her for what she did,
But I forgive her now.... My friends told me to go out,
Dance somehow, I met this girl she was blazin'!
She knokked me out from day one and our friendship was amazing!
Bad turned to good and I gotta thank that stupid cow for leaving me,
Cuz misses right I'm datin til now...
Don't look down - if your girl is cheatin'on you.
Don't look down - if ya down and you don't know what to do.
Don't look down - if you don't find a way outta your misery.
It's how it is, even if it's not how it should be.
Don't look down - if your whole life seems to sukk.
Don't look down - if you want attention but noone gives a fukk.
Don't look down - if you cannot be what you try to be, it's how it is,
Even if it's not how it should be!

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