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Skillet – Hero
Feb 9, 2016
Johnny Diaz – Scars
Dec 29, 2015
She holds for dear life
To the ends of the sleeves on her hands,
Covering up lies she wrote with a razor sharp pen,
And the sting of the blade is no match for the pain
Of the loneliness she's going through,
But we've all been there too
I feel like there's fear in showing what you've done to yourself, Especially when you cut, you get embarrassed. She holds the sleeves down because she doesn't want to show the scars, or cuts she has. some people cut words or phrases, Things about themselves they want to change, by the time the cuts heal they scar your skin. the scars remind you of why you cut.

"The sting of the blade is no match for the pain that she feels" Normally people don't care about the pain, the pain itself is motivation to cut, it makes people feel better about stressors, and about life in general. as twisted as it is that's how the mind typically justifies cutting or any other form of self harm.

So with that I feel like she's trying to hide what she feels that her truth is, She doesn't mind the pain because she's alone and that to her, that's so much worse to be alone. I feel like he's trying to portray that everyone's been alone, everyone understands that feeling, but to some people loneliness causes them the worst pain, if that makes any sense?
I love this song, it's super up tempo but it's got meaning to it like, "Hey, I'm completely broke and tired, but I'm happy." It's super fun to dance to and It turns my mood around which isn't all that easy. "It's a long drive, when you've got no gas It's a cheap date, when you're out of cash It's a bad day, another bad day It's a feeling, when you've lost your touch It's a plane ride, if on the right drugs And can you take it?" Is an awesome quote in the song because hey it's a bad day, there's no gas, no cash, and you're unhappy, but can you take it? What will you do to change it? I honestly hope you're ready. "I hope you're ready for it when you Get caught out in the rain I hope that you're ready now For all the storms to come When the rain starts shaking the ground" The rain's coming and you can let this bad day be washed away, don't even bother holding on when you can dance and sing, just feel free in the rain, because your troubles are gone, because when the rain hits the ground it's shaking your problems away. It's all gone.
"Saviour" is a beautiful song to me, and music helps a lot especially with me. In the first verse he sings "But remember I am human and I'm bound to sing this song". He sings this song as a reminder that no matter how alone we feel we do have someone there to listen to us and love us through anything, we aren't as alone as the world wants us to believe. He talks about how it's a lullaby to the lonely, which when you're lonely all you want is to know you're not alone and you're loved. Despite everything even though he doesn't know us all personally he doesn't want us to bleed out. He wants us all to live. I encourage anyone to seek out other army members and just to talk with them, they're so supportive and it's so wonderful to have a support network all around the world. ("Saviour" is the actual name of the song) I believe that this is basically a song meant to keep us alive. Most people would love to say music doesn't make you feel, but to me it's like taking drugs, it makes me so happy and fills me with joy and pride over the boys. I believe that Andy, Jinxx, CC, Jake, and Ashley all have an amazing message to spread, and all of their songs are gospel to how we can help, how we feel, how to break through our limits and pasts. Black Veil Brides will always be there even when they break up or someone dies, Black Veil Brides might be a shitty band to our children but if you think about it we all change and our music progresses through out life time. To me I can't Imagine them not being around but It's a very real possibility in the future, especially in 10 years. Some of them might want to settle down. The future is a mystery.
A fallen angel, in the dark,
Never thought you'd fall so far.
Fallen angel, close your eyes,
I won't let you fall tonight.
Fallen angel
I feel like he's talking about someone he's just now seeing as they are. He thinks she's an angel but possibly too dark to be from heaven.

The angel is hiding in the shadows or dark so they don't have to be seen. He's probably taking pity on them because he never thought they'd get dragged so far into the darkness.

He's telling them to get some sleep and he's going to make sure she doesn't fall even more.

This is all a guess, sorry if I'm wrong or you don't like my thoughts.
Personally this song is beautiful to me. It basically is saying she's made her fair share of mistakes, Which we all make mistakes, some more reckless then others. I feel like it's telling you that she understands how you feel because she's been there, but no matter what society thinks of you're perfect to her. You're not worthless even if you think you are. In the song she asks that you don't feel less than perfect, all of us feel less than perfect from time to time, she's trying to make you feel better like there's a chance. She's also saying people won't always approve of the choices you make and that's perfectly alright. Be yourself because you're perfectly imperfect. It's ok to be original instead of a carbon copy of the world. You're f**kin' perfect.
To me I feel like It's about depression and falling into a deeper and deeper pit, It makes you feel like you can't leave it or come out of it. I feel ashamed to talk to my parents about the feelings I have so I just spiral into a deeper pit because talking to my parents make them judge me because the think I'm attention seeking. These are my favorite lines by far, I feel like he outlines the feeling of depression well, and simple enough for a toddler to figure it out. He's just falling through everything, It's hitting him like bricks, can I ever come back? Definitely not, depression is like evolution, you can't de-evolve, you dream of happiness surrounded by misery, it happens when you're falling into a deeper depression, you dream of happiness but feel even more depressed when it's not truly what you experience. In all honesty Life Sucks. You carry on and you can't let the tidal waves bury you.
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