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Yelawolf – Push 'Em lyrics

Here we go.
Ahhh, somethin' is wrong with me
I'm feelin' like psycho white, ahh!
Can you to grip from about to slip?
I'm about to fight, ahh!
Took another shot of whisky, tipsy, chippin', hit me ahh!
Don't wanna get in grip, wanna lose it all
I wanna go, whoah!
Yeah, catfish's gonna drop top thunderbird
Oh my god
Here comes billy again with travis barker, jay and silent bob
Hiya mom, holmes got an ol' good chopper,
In copper
Sittin' on the porch with a simple torch
Shakin' his hand "fuck off, fuck off!"
Sore in a sixpack daddy
I nobel for you left to told me not to
But I sad "fuck it, kick the bucket and drink 'em all!" (wacka, wacka)
Anybody seen the tater? I'm a head cast? parker
And if I say "go", then a bunch of famous family nimbles gonna pop off

Talkin' in from the back, move to the front
Push 'em, push 'em!
Talkin' in from the back, move to the front
Push 'em, push 'em!
Talkin' in from the back, move to the front
Push 'em, push 'em!
Everybody in this motherfucker, one, two, three, go!
Jump, jump, jump, jum, jump, jump
Push 'em, push 'em! (x3)
Jump, jump, jump, jum, jump, jump
Push 'em, motherfucker!

Trash plants, you know we chillin'
Tris, yeah, you know he's chillin,
Skaty, you know we chillin'
Felix, you know he's chillin'
California, you know we chillin'
Alabama, you know we chillin"
Pull 'em up in that '78 with paul wall
You know he's quitin'!

Look around that imothy jubity
Wanna jump aside a motherfucker prison for that animals

To a bottle like a bottle water,
Hold 'em where they... can they get 'em?
The wolfpack's in marsmode, crowd surfin'.
See?, slumerican famous yeah,
Dta, can dui's

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