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Wiz Khalifa – Stayin Out All Night lyrics

I had so much champagne up in the club
And I ain't come up here and I ain't looking for love
I'mma leave all my problems out on the floor
I'mma drink so much that I can't make it home
So would you take me home? (Yeah)

Now we rollin' on, stayin' out all night
Stayin' out all night, stayin' out all night
Getting drunk, stayin' out all night
Stayin' out all night, stayin' out all night
Crashing a party, stayin' out all night
Stayin' out all night, stayin' out all night
Getting this money, stayin' out all night
Stayin' out all night, stayin' out all night

[Verse 1]
Leaving all my problems at the door
Pouring up, soon as you think it's enough they bringin' more
Hanging onto what niggas told me “get your paper up”
You work hard for what you got, they could never take it from you
All you need is a little patience, let me demonstrate
All my niggas in the game, we talkin' ‘cause we been through it
Rolling weed in raw papers, taking shots, gin got me faded
If I get back to your spot, won't know how I made it
Now I made my way in the game
So much money, don't know how a nigga stayin' the same
I'm too straight, I get high all day, I take it straight to the brain
I stay fly all week, like seven days on a plane
Came here to spend it not leave with it
Like KK rolled up, let my team hit it
Some Bombay, let's sip ‘til it's payday
That fuck shit don't play


[Verse 2]
Yeah, keep the good times rollin' and the champagne pourin'
On the plane and I don't know where I'm goin'
Make sure my team keep ballin' and the hoes keep callin'
And the money keep fallin' on the floor
Where you tryna go, only care about what's in your drink
You tryna go hard, don't think about tomorrow
Don't care about what people think
You don't care about waitin' outside
You be with everybody up in the front
You yelin' “ass up, face down” up in the club
And now we turning up (let's party)
I'm in the club rolling weed like I'm Marley
Smoking dearly departed
That's kill, too real, come to me get it started
The bottles be poppin' like its 4th of July
We just pourin' them shots, back shooting courts in the sky
Pouring some for the girls, and pouring more for my guys
Cause we made it my niggas, I just wanna thank my niggas
Hear niggas talking shit, but they ain't my niggas



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