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Webbie – I Miss You lyrics

I'll be missing you
Young savage
What you doing
Trill ent.
I'll be missing you

I ain't been home in a few days(I miss u)
I know you do
I ain't going lie I miss you to
Come on kiss me through the phone I'm a kiss you to
Now I'm gone hit you in a minute gotta get this loot
Girl we got us sumthin special I know it ain't nuthin betta
You can trust cause I'm tellin you I don't want nuthin else
You get lonely you can just use the pictures up on the dresser
I didn't never think a woman can have me with this lil feeling
Gurls walk up on the floor I be telling em nah I'm chillin
Hug you til I go to sleep jus to squeeze ya like my lil pillow
Then I wake up Monday morning don't come back til Friday
Whole notha whip sittin on 6's with tinted windows
Baby phat bags all new purses with matchin slippers
You dun heard I fucked that dumb bitch you mad trippin
Tears in ya eyes yellin ya tired of my fast livin
I'm jus happy look forward to seein you
God dam I miss You

Since you been away I've been down and lonely
Since you've been away I've been thinking of you
Oooh oooh oohh I'm missing you
Oooh I'm missing you

From Rags to Riches
Man If that shit were to hit me again
I'd have to bring you with me again
It's dun been a lot of stuff I caught myself in
And you stuck by nigga like my left hand
It wasn't all this at first til we jus kept praying
Now I'm on you a bad ass bitch yes mam
And oh yes mam as soon as I get home it's gon be work time
And you know what we like to fuck like it's the first time
From the first time forreal I knew that I was stayin
And I knew that you weren't leavin
I know that I don't need you but I be feeling like I need you
When it comes to certain people I act like I gotta leave ya
But I just want to please ya trust me they just wanna be ya
Remember when I ain't witcha baby I can't wait to see ya
I gotta keep it G and say I Love ya cause I'm forreal
Wash away all the tears we been doin this shit for years

Since you been away I've been down and lonely
Since you've been away I've been thinking of you
Oooh oooh oohh I'm missing you
Oooh I'm missing you
Your everything I need couldn't of asked for more
Boy you know your worth waiting for
When you are away I'm standing at the door
To let you know I miss you
I know you can see it in my eyes
You're the completion to my life
It ain't even a question you already know
But I remind you that
I'm missing you

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