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Up Dharma Down – Sana lyrics

Nilibot na ang buong mundo
Di pa rin ako nakukuntento

Makakahanap ng ipapalit
Nang walang babala
Lumipas ay nagbabalik pala

Nalilito na ako hindi na dapat gan'to
Nakaraan ay natapos at napagdaanan na
Bakit na sisindak pa sa t'wing naaalala

Matatauhan na wala ka na pala

Ako sila'y nandito na
Ikaw na lang ang kulang

Anong lunod o lalim ba't 'di na lang lumutang
Anong pait ang matamis at aking susubukan
Anong silbi ng narito
'Di mo na kailangan

Hindi nga nagtagal ang pagpapanggap na 'to
Kaliwa at kanan harap at likod ano mang anggulo
Titigan ay bumibigay ako

Damdamin ay kay bigat
Naisip na ang lahat
Wala na ba talaga akong magagawa pa

Ako sila'y nandito na
Ikaw na lang ang kulang
Anong lunod o lalim ba't 'di na lang lumutang
Anong tamis ang mapait at aking iiwasan
Walang silbi ang narito
'Di mo na kailangan

Wala na bang makakapantay at di na ba dapat pang maghintay
Ako lang ba ang nagkasala?
Kumakapit sa natitirang sana

Kung babalik ka pa hanggang kailan kaya?
Ako dito mag aabang na magdutong na ang patlang
Ang kulang ay mapupunan wala nang makahahadlang
Wala na yatang hihigit sa pangungulila ko

Iba na bang nagbibigay ng mga kailangan mo?

Oh sana
Kay higpit ng kapit sa unan kagabi ko
Oh sana
Inaasam muling makatabi at mahalik sana

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  • u
    To me it was being left behind with an unspoken promise that he would come back. But weeks, or months, or years have already passed and still there was no sign of him. The girl had already moved on, or so she thought. But wherever she went or looked, there was still the trace of him that she could feel, that haunted her deep in her bones. It was a very melancholy feeling, because deep inside she was still waiting for him. And she knew that no person could ever take his place. And so she held on to that unspoken promise, even though she knew that it was time to let go.
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  • u
    It's basically for an ex. Not necessarily you've been in a serious relationship with but most likely someone you deeply cared about. For me though, it suggests that they used to be really good friends. And in the same circle. Ages after they broke up they are about to meet again in a get together. Girl was travelling either for pleasure or work and has probably dated a couple of guys as a rebound but was discontented as she wasn't really ready for ove. But, finding out the guy was coming sort of shocked her and the anticipation of meeting him again started to wake her dormant feelings.
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  • u
    There's this person that likes you (very close friend). But you don't feel the same way at the moment because you like another guy and in short you had a relationship with the guy you like. It didn't end up the way you wanted it to end. After a long time, you realized that you like the person who used to like you but that person doesn't feel the same way for you anymore.
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  • u
    I just want to share my thought about this song. This song actually suits for what I feel right now. I had been in a 1 year & 5 months relationship but it was 3 years ago. He was my first ever boyfriend and we were young back then. We both fell in love at the wrong time and since my family put a pressure on me when they discover my secret relationship, I chose to continue schooling than fighting for him. But there's an uncertain promise that we made. When I went to college, even there's no communication, I'm still waiting for him. Waiting for him to visit me at school, waiting for him to text me and say hello, but there's no presence of him at all. I always get disappointed and sad because of the thought that you might already moved on. Then, when I tried to find someone who could help me to get through the pain I felt, but I always end up with my first love. Then, one time we meet again after a very long time. It was the time when my heart got a courage to say how I feel, but you resist them. I felt that I lose the game we had and you already done with me. But Idk why I'm still hoping for another try. Hindi ko alam bakit kumakapit parin ako sa natitirang "sana".
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  • u
    It has a very deep meaning for me. I remember the guy who chose to hurt me. It was a very serious relationship, we had enjoy everyday that we spend together, until the day comes that I have to let him go because my parents don't want me for that guy. I still love him and hoping that we can start all over again. Now that I can fight for him, now that I prove to them how wrong they are to stop us from loving each other. I always regret that I didn't fight for him before. But now, I am ready.
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