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Underoath – In Regards To Myself lyrics

Wake up, Wake up, My God,
This is not a test and it's not too late to come clean
Get it off your chest
So steady for hand before your face and concentrate
There's got to be some stable ground left to walk on

So tear another page from the book
Are you asleep or just alone
Clear this room from your lungs

Pull yourself together, pull yourself together man
Pull yourself together, pull yourself together.

On your back, you're sleeping in a bed of shame
Let the light breathe some new life into this room
It's what keeps you coming back
Made up of insatiable taste
Bury your head into your hands and sink into yourself

Just what are you so afraid of
What are you so afraid of
You're staring truth in the face so come on down
What are you so afraid of

You're busy living now, aren't you
You're busy making vows
You're coming unglued
Time is shorter than you know
The light is blinding to the naked eye, so why don't you take
Steps away from being alone, I swear, it's not to late for you

It's all worth reaching for, It's all worth reaching for
It's all worth reaching for the hand to pull you out
It's all worth reaching for the hand to pull you out.

Wake up, wake up, wake up
And step outside your box
Wake up, wake up

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    He's calling others to live with God and embrace a faith of their own. As a society, we are too busy with material excess and lives of depravity to pay attention to the important things in life. At the end of the song he's conveying a hopeful message with "It's all worth reaching for the hand to pull you out". He finishes with a "I dare you" statement by saying, "Wakeup and step outside of your box".
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