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Ultramagnetic Mc's – Ease Back lyrics

30 seconds to respond
30 seconds to respond with our anti-ballistic missiles

Say what? Yeah, now ease back
To the rear, you hear
Eardrums drown, the bass pound
Real stupid, we gettin' loop this

Now there, we scoop it, instead we rock this
While ducks jock this
Bitin' an' writin' an' fightin' for this
Beats an' wax, rhymes are facts, bitin' acts
How we did it for this one, that one
Biters around, check out the sound

In town, to the rhythm that we give 'em
In fact, you lack Ultramagnetic skills
'Cause your record's no frills
Here's your bill now ease back
Ease back, ease back

I'm back, back to smack attack
Those who whack an' lack my experience
On the microphone, holdin' my own ground
Dominatin' forces
Change the sources, punks takes losses
Enough 'cause it's me on the mic

Feedin' on words, small like a nerd
Haven't you heard? This change of rhyme
Continuin' the land of time
For my incredible, highly elevated
Smooth in the mind, more sophisticated

Motivated, as I relate it verbal
Dissin' a mouse an' smackin' any gerbil
I bought a Saab, a 1990 Turbo
Shinin', fog lights in the front
I'm by myself, no seats for a stunt

'Cause I want it like that, I got it like that
I have it like, I need it like that
It's better like that, I made it like that
I bought it like that, I'm livin' like that
For you whack mcs

Who go on the mic an' blow on the mic
An' perpetrate frauds an' makin' mistakes
Like an amateur but I'm a 20 year veteran
An' better than includin' the rest of them
I chew 'em all an' spit out the best of them one by one
I'm teachin' my son to ease back, ease back

What's up? It's me again
I'm Seth G wit a funky blend
Of beats an' rhymes, on time wit my dj
He's not weak wit anythin' he plays

Rockin', slicin', rep is treacherous
Like a professor, he had perfected this
Simple potion, through devotion
Wit his blends, his motions is fastly approachin'

Coastin', reachin' higher levels
So when you see 'em, you best say hello
I'm a take out a knife, pen an' paper an' write
A rhyme so dope you can't think, can't cope

Ducks, who are you really kiddin'?
You say you're dope, well you're admittin'
That you can't compete because you're rhymes are weak
Full of more nonsense, past tense, incomplete

Weap an' learn a new rap style
From Seth G, the wizard of know how
An innovation, elevation, psychin' the nation
When I ease back, ease back

Word up, it's time to ease back, you know what I'm sayin'?
Word up an' that's why I'm the best mc in the whole wide world
Word up, yo, I know what you sayin'

Yo, forsee, turn the bass down, man
It's damagin' my ear canals, man, better yet, man
Leave it how it is, yo, tr, grab the 9
We outta here, ease back

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