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twenty one pilots – Trees lyrics

I know
Where you stand
In the

And that's
Where I am
In the trees

Why won't you speak?
Where I happen to be
In the trees
Standing cowardly

I can feel
Your breath
I can feel
My death

I want to know you
I want to see
I want to say


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Submitted byjupiter04


  • o
    This song (though this disregards no other interpretations) is about someone who is living among people who are ignorant to their suffering. The narrator is speaking to that one person. The 'trees' represent the ignorant people of this world, who simply go through life and care nothing about other people. The one who stands among the trees is someone who is going through a trauma or has a horrible life in general. They are silent within the trees, because they do not hear or listen to her cries. The narrator says he has been through the same things in his life dealing with ignorant people [I can feel my death, meaning he was metaphorically killed (either emotionally or mentally) in the same or similar situation as the one he sings to, and he can feel their pain through empathy]. In summary, this song is a message to people who are ignored, left out, or are outcasts in this world. This song is talking to them directly, saying "I know what you are going through. I won't ignore you. I see you. I see your pain. So let me know you, because I want to care about you, my friend."
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  • u
    This song is a desperate wrestle with suicide. It's about the intense desire to meet with God and finally get some answers. A cry out that says, why won't you speak?!
    It would be so easy to hang from a tree in silence and say hello to God. But it's a cowardly choice.
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