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twenty one pilots – Be Concerned lyrics
Where'd you go, huh?
They all think I know you,
Yeah, it's so hard to motivate me to devote
A single inch of me to something I can't see,
I don't mean to pry but why
Would you even make the eyes
I don't believe my ears,
And I'm scared of my own head,
I will deny you for years and
I'll make you raise me from the dead,
And if I said that I would live for you for nothing in return,
Well, I'm sorry Mr. Gullible,
But lying's all I've learned,
So be concerned (x2)

No music,
And I can talk about anything
Whether or not it's worthwhile
Is based on who's listening,
Most of us listening for something we can relate to,
All of us related for something we just been through,
Taken for granted trust is damaged and now we panic,
Livin empty-handed living lives like we can manage,
I can feel you but still know where home is feeling like Jonah did,
Almost dropped the bat like every base was fully loaded,
So be concerned (x2)

I am disappearing
Inside my birds-eye theories,
I try to say goodbye, defy and deny,
What it is I'm fearing
Clearly I am dying,
Dearly I am writing
Merely testifying that a test to fly requires
I pass the test with colors flying,
I don't believe you most the time,
I'm lying 'cause I say I am fine,
You are the pearl, I am the swine,
So break my life and take this rhyme,
I'm so sorry but I do believe
That all my bridges I have burned,
And I've earned a policy of no return,
So be concerned (x4)

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Be Concerned meanings

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    So the first couple of lines are mostly about how people think his faith is so stable, even though he's starting to question his faith. (Questioning your faith is okay tho, because then you look for answers, and when you look for answers you find answers, you find answers then you strengthen your faith.) Then Tyler tells God that he has and will keep betraying him, and that lying is kinda his thing. (This is a struggle everyone goes through.) "SO BE CONCERNED" he's telling people that he's concerned so, you should be too sorta. Alright so second verse Jocef starts rapping about how people listen to things that they can relate to, and that even though he can feel God he feels like doing what Jonah did and running away. (Humans tend to run away from things, idk why, just their nature I guess. and no I am not human I am alien thank you and goodnight). Third kinda versy thing that Tyler comes in on is about how he's getting caught up in all his own theories, and then he wants to deny the theories but he can't because he's a confused soul. (But that's okay we all are, even an alien like myself.) And that he fears what will happen to him when he dies, and now he writes about it :3 (that cutie.) and then he talks about how he's testifying the tests and how he's expected to pass the tests well. Then he's kind a yelling at God telling him that he's confused on his faith, and he's concerned and everyone else should be as well. But he also confess's that he's sorry for questioning and testing. Short version of what I said: He's just talking about his questions in his faith.
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      So the first couple of lines are mostly about how people think his faith is so stable, even though... Read more →

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