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Trey Songz – Good Girls Vs Bad Girls lyrics

[Verse 1]
She said that these niggas just don't impress her no more
She done seen it all before
She don't wanna deal with it
She says she wants some real shit

Said that she was tired of the lames and the games these niggas be playin'
Say she's ready for a change but she just gave me the brains
So I can't believe a thing she's sayin'
I got a problem and she's the solution
She give me her body, don't give me excuses
She said it's a body, I know what to do it
And keepin' her heart's just been useless

Okay I'm on it baby
You got my lovin' 'til the mornin', baby
Don't give a fuck, we're in our moment, baby
Always with a new one
Cause it's so hard to choose one
Bad girls ain't ever been good for me
Good girls ain't ever been enough for me
Bad girls ain't ever been good to me
Good girls ain't ever been enough for me

[Verse 2]
She said that these niggas just don't impress her no more
She said the niggas ain't snitch so the niggas can't hit
Niggas never stress her no more
Me and this cutie got really acquainted
You thinkin' 'bout gettin' your booty done, ain't it
Baby one day, baby you'll become famous
I can't tell what's fake or what's real no more
I can't tell if I even feel no more

[Refrain] + [Chorus]

Ridin' on this dick like that
Movin' that ass
You do it so good
That it gotta be bad
Tell me where you learn that at
I don't wanna know
Do it fast, do it slow
Got a good girl waitin' at home
Stead I'm spendin' time with a freak
If she see me in the streets, don't speak
Bad girl, she just love to creep
No flickin', no pictures, I don't need them shits deleted
I don't need them shits deleted, I don't even skip a beat
Even if it's Halloween I don't need to trick or treat
So you a good girl, or you a bad bitch
Whichever one, girl, don't you be average

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