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Tom T. Hall – Pinto The Wonder Horse Is Dead lyrics

Pinto the wonder horse is dead
(Tom T. Hall)
" © '70 Newkeys Music "
"I loved that song. I saw a little story in the newspaper about the size of a pack of cigarettes - it said: 'Pinto the Wonder Horse is Dead.' But I was reading the newspaper and I was looking for part two of the story I had already started - so I never read the story, I just saw the headline and kept going. A week later I said, 'My God, where's that newspaper?' I started askin people - I figured he was the horse that belonged to some cowboy movie star, but nobody had a horse named Pinto. So I just made him up, made him into a childhood hero."

I read it in the paper just about a week ago
It was on the back page and not many people know
Boy it made me feel bad when I picked it up and read Pinto the wonder horse is dead

Oh we rode the dusty trails together at the Saturday morning picture show
The dusty trails're gone now but it hurts to hear it said
Pinto the wonder horse is dead

My memory goes back to when I was a little kid
We believed in everything that Pinto ever did
Will our kids have a hero half as brave or half as strong
Pinto the wonder horse is gone
Oh we rode the dusty trails together...

We believed that Pinto was the fastest horse alive
If he outrun the wind itself we never were surprised
In my childhood memory full of boys grow into men Pinto the wonder rides again
Oh we rode the dusty trails together...
Pinto the wonder horse is gone

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