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Slash – Good To Be Alive lyrics

You told me you're an orphan, the same old standard line
Then we moved in together, all you did was moan and cry
Talkin' like you'd make it on life's big movie screen
I had to say I loved you just to try and keep the peace

Hustler, what are you doin' with your time?
I'm slow to catch on but I think you wasted mine
You're running low tonight, jack up and get it right
You know you're going down, ain't it good to be alive?

I couldn't make excuses about everything you said
You wanna show your bruises, let's throw a party for the band
Now here they come a dancin' like the powder to your nose
Why don't you cut your head off, spite your face, let's do the show?

Hustler, what are you doin' with your time?
I'm slow, catch it on but I think you wasted mine
Hustler, you're running low tonight, the station's right close by
Pack up your car and drive, ain't it good to be alive?

Tearing at the membrane of the first new thing in years
Found a nagging consolation in a glass of Everclear
And the ugly truth has raped you, they yell, “You lousy lay”
But isn't everything that way, hey

Ain't it good to be alive?
So good to be alive

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