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Skillz – Crew Deep lyrics

[Skillz] (Missy)
Uh, yeah, remix, you know what it is, yeah
It's the V-A, huh, remix, oh, yeah, aha, let's go
You know (remix), oh, come on, check me out, uh

[Malice] (Skillz)
Patty cake, patty cake, V-A got plenty weight (whoo)
Clipse and S-K-I double can only mean trouble (yeah)
Hot like the eye on the storm, we gon' bubble (uh)
Platinum is the jewel and plus we goin' double
V-A, where the deer and the antelope play
But you can still get your cantelopes sprayed (uh)
Quick to show a nigga it ain't sweet down here
Better change your way of thinking fore ya creeps round here

[Pusha-T] (Skillz)
Uh, Pusha, I keep more cain in the street
Than the elderly and weak
I put myself out of reach (uh), flow more sicker
Ghetto rich, I brought shame to the beach (uh)
Press your luck, twin blocks is tucked (aha)
Call the crew? Cause they black as fuck (whoo)
Tell me how y'all feel
Clipse with Skillz, V-A love for real

[Missy] (Skillz)
Y'all don't really wanna fuck with me (uh)
My click D double-E to the P (remix), blaow!
I put two in your side (yeah)
Flow in ya dough in ya motherfucking ride (remix)
Y'all don't really wanna fuck with me (oh)
My click D double-E to the P (remix)

[Pharrell] (Skillz)
I thought I told y'all dudes before
Y'all dudes can't mess with me (Pharrell)
Jamaican? (uh), crimes and loot
Mei Mei kitty speedin' me shampoo
While y'all niggaz were shootin' pictures of Puffy (uh)
I was shootin' niggaz on my little brother's huffy
Y'all? Break ya uh uh, personally wake ya uh uh (yeah)
I'm magic with the gun then ha, I'll make ya huff blast
S**, nigga, don't be a courageous fuck, uh uh (whoo)-acap

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