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Sia – Opportunity lyrics

Under the glow of the very bright liiight
I turn my face to are stsr night sky
And III am not afraid of a thousand eyes
And it's above five hundred smiles

Oh. I used to thinnk
What wouldn't I giiive
A moment like thiis
This moment is giift

And now look at me an this opportunity
It's standing right in front of me
The one thing I know it's part lookin'
Sooo I'm putting on my best shooow
Under the spot light
Starting my liife
Big dreams becoming real tonight
So look at me and this opportunity
Ya witnessing my moment you see
My big opportunity
(Verse 1)
And now I'm right here and it's tiiiimme
'Cause this is real and it's aaaallll mine
I'm not afraiiid to flyyy
And it's above five hundred smiles

I won't waist it I guarantee

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