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Shaggy – Why You Treat Me So Bad lyrics

[Gran puba:] what, situation here this is shaggy gand puba style
[Shaggy:] in a dancehall style wicked, whya so versatile chu
Why must she treat so bad
[Puba:] I don't know why she treat like that
Why must she treat so bad
If it's scheming it's scheming like a demon
Why must she treat so bad
[Shaggy:] why that girl treat me so bad girl
Why must she treat so bad
[Puba:] hey shaggy we ain't having it, let'em know what time it is
[Shaggy:] apple in my eye an the key to my yacht
She's the only girl I desire from the start
And if we get together never part
But every time I talk to her she try to blow me off
She keeps trying to avoid
Me to tell the truth girl this really annoys me
But I'm the number one champion
Tha doberman ere on the microphone stand
She says "god dam"
But since I'm such a good man
And all the leading ladies would love to have my hand
So why you treat me like a mad man
Young girl why don't you get with the program
Why must she treat so bad
I don't understand this woman at all
Why must she treat so bad
[Puba:] you need to knock it off coz we ain't going for it
Why must she treat so bad
[Shaggy:] you wait till that day that glorious day
Why must she treat so bad
[Shaggy:] yo puba.... Mj says "something i don't know"
[Puba:] now baby listen I ain't into butt kissing
If you think I'm going out like that, keep wishing
You play hard to get then you won't get got
If you keep acting up ya end up a have not
Every day it seems that you want to treat me bad
Every day it seems your maxi on a pad
I treat you like a queen and you play me like peasant
No matter what I do you try to make me feel unpleasant
But hey it'll come back to haunt chaya
Never flip the script and say now I don't want cha
I can change like sneakers and clothes
Is git it
Stick it,
It ain't change
But a plane ticket
Why must she treat so bad

Why must she treat so bad
[Puba:] easy come easy go
Why must she treat so bad
[Shaggy:] I don't know why I have to see ya like this
Why must she treat so bad
[Puba:] say ya better take it personal
[Shaggy:] Lover boy says yes may god bless uhhmmmmmm
She uller to told me oh goodness
And that's when she put me to the test
And that's when I had to but the egg in the bird nest
And that's how we rumble
Last night upon real love she stumble
I'm just the same guy that she dissed
And now she never passes me with out blowing a kiss
Yo girl your dismissed
[Puba:] hahaha just like that then
Why must she treat so bad
[Puba:] yeah yeah plain legged s*** keep on walking
Why must she treat so bad
[Shaggy:] now wonder if i'll get the sharp end of the stick 'Di' thinks it is - 'now ah wonder who get da short end of the stick'!?!?!
Why she treat so bad
[Puba:] that's right are you with me
Why must she treat so bad
[Puba:] and that's how it goes
Check it
Ain't no honey fly enough
Ain't no boody fat enough
Ain't no coody good enough
To string out gran puuu
So baby be true stop all the things you do
Before I change my mind and find some body new
And now you {see/know} this is how gran puba and shaggy do
Mother made you
Mother had you
Mother fuck you
As we put it on like that
Time to represent
Here we go
Situation is we ain't having it these days
So we got a let them know
One time
Why must she treat so bad
[Shaggy:] now what's the situation again hey
Why must she treat so bad
[Puba:] get a lift
Why must she treat so bad
Yeah gran puba shaggy here girls

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