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Shaggy – Tender Love lyrics

Now baby love
From the look of the expression on your face
I know the you are experiencing a lot of
Emotional difficulties
And I got to let you know
That I'm Mr. Cupid and I'm here
To relieve your heart of stress
So right here I'm saying to you now


Let me wrap you in my warmth and tender love
Baby let me hold you in my arms and give
You all the sweet and the charm
Let me wrap you in my warmth and tender love
Baby let me hold you in my arms and give
You all the sweet and the charm

You really don't like how your boyfriend flex
Address the matter make him know say your vex
De ya a treat you like them old reject
Lay down in a the bed a give you half dead s....
You really have to send him a telex
Make him know a you wear the rolex
You sign the check and all a push down the lex
Boy straighten up the flex before you become the ex


I'm in control
None other than Mr. Bad and Bold
A pay attention to your lady
If you treat her cold, North Pole
Watch as the saga unfolds
Well I'm the man with the waterhose
Water her garden and bloom up her rose
Mind sharp
It happen straight under your nose, s** pose
I got to let them know


Now baby
Dry them tears from your eyes
Let you know that Mr. Cupid is here for you
I'm the one available to put the arrow
Straight into your problems
Let them know that
No matter who or what
I'm here to let your problems and your
Troubles go away

Your man treat you bad and a carry out him darling
Hush yah me dear no bother with the bawling
Listen the voice in your head that's calling
It's Mr. Lover your darling.
A you him a use and abuse and beat with him shoes
I can't believe your silky skin got bruised
Seem to me your man him have a short fuse
Why are you still with him girl singing the blues
Now listen to me my darling and choose
Cause if you don't choose girl you know you lose
But send him a message make sure him get the news
Another man in a the shoes


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