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Raheem DeVaughn – Until lyrics

Now to understand the struggle
(ahhh oooh)
Understand the meaning of dues
(ahhh oooh ahhh oooh) yeah
The pain of my people, your people
(oooh ahhh oooh)
All around the globe
(ahhh oooh)
You gotta feel me, it's in the music use it
(ahhh oooh)

Verse 1:
What you know about juggling jobs
Struggling hard and chasing a dream,
What you know about having no car
Rent being due and no bling bling,
What you know about sacrificing
All your wants for all your needs,
What you know about loving your child
Just to find out that ain't your seed (That's my past)

Untill you've felt my joy
Felt my pain and felt my struggles
Untill you've walked these shoes
Paid my dues and felt my troubles
Untill you've she'd my tears
Felt my fears and held my years
Only till then you'll only know
What you think you know

Verse 2:
What you know about hitting that block
Dodging them cops to make ends meat,
What you know about the lights being off
Gas being off and no food to eat,
What you know about good will clothes
While your friends dress fly in junior high,
What you know about grandma's words
When she said one day boy you gon' shine

Repeat Chorus (x2)

What you know about writing late nights
To candle lights till the shit is tight,
What you know about late night prayers
And late night tears hoping God will hear,
What you know about earning your keep
'cause you don't bend, break or ask
Don't you know your last will be first
Hey, and your first will be your last

Repeat Chorus

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