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Queensryche – Empire lyrics

Last night the word came down
Ten dead in chinatown
Innocent, they're only crime was
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time
Too bad, people say, what's wrong with the kids today?
Tell you uright now they've got nothing to lose
They're building empire!

Johnny used to work after school
At the cinema show
Gotta hustle if he wants an education, he's got a long way to go
Now he's out on the street all day
Selling crack to the people who pay
Got an ak-47 for his best friend, business the american way

Eastside meets westside downtown
No time the walls fall down
Can't you feel it coming? Empire!
Can't you hear it calling?

Black man trapped again, holds his chains in his hand
Brother killing brother for the profit of another
Game point, nobody wins
Decline, right on time
What happened to the dream sublime?
Tear it all down, we'll put it up again
Another empire?


In fiscal year 1986 to 87
Local, state, and federal governments
Spent a combined total of 16. 6 billion dollars
On law enforcement
Federal law enforcement expenditures
Ranked last in absolute dollars
And accounted for only 6% of all federal spending
By way of comparison
The federal government spent 25 millon more
On space exploration and 43 times more on national defense
And national relations then on law enforcement)


Can't someone here stop it... ?

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    A plea for the federal government to legalize all drugs as the only way to win the war on drugs is to control them and education. Let those that choose to use and abuse them the oportunity to do so. With that right comes the responsibility of not being able to blame the drugs for their actions. If an individual commits a crime while under the influence or not, the punishment should be the same whether or not they are abusers. Drugs don't make a person commit a crime, it is of their own free will. Quit being a society that has to find a reson for people's actions. The kennedy's figured this one out. And yes, tobacco and alcohol are drugs and are the ones most prevalently abused.
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    To all known gang bangers if you use a gun in a crime (any crime) you should be sentenced to life! To me gang bangers are the lowest scum of the Earth next to pedophiles and like assholes who do not deserve to live! Why should said dweeb gangbanger get to sit in prison on my tax dollars? To me that is just totally un-freakin-acceptable! Or they could do like they do in Russia, once found guilty of capital crimes they're shot. Maybe use their own gun. I'd pay to see that!
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