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Q-tip – Vivrant Thing lyrics

Violator makin you sweat
Violator we doin our thing
Violator we bringin the pain
Violator we doin our thing
Violator we bringin the pain
Violator we makin the stand
Violator we doin our thing

Uh, check it out now
Uh, yeah yeah now
Uh, check it out now
Uh, no doubt yo

You such a thang, a s*** little thang
I'm hot boyin it, admirin your chain
You got a fella nose wide on the realas side
I wanna dance real close, ride up when you're hot
Playin games yo, I never cared about it much
But you the girl who keep her eyes closed and smokin dutch
For real, you sucha little pretty bell
You make a nigga front pants hit the mean swell
Whatchu say? I said you stimulate my brain cells
But it's one thing I really wanna say

1 - [q-tip]
Youre such a vivrant, vivrant
Vivrant, a vivrant, vivrant
Yo, you such a vivrant, vivrant
Vivrant, a vivrant vivrant

[missy elliot]
You got some new shit, tryin to gas me so we can do it
Boy, you aint slick because I keep all dogs trained
Ill make you scream my name
Oh, yous a hot boy, before you talk junk, whatchu got boy?
If you let me touch, I'll wake it up, boy
Let you supply me for a month, boy
Oh well, get up boy, I like it rough boy
But if it's too rough, take a detour
Slide right down to my seashore
By the way I don't smoke, so what the weed for?
You get a low score

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

[busta rhymes]
Yo, it's such a vivrant, vivrant
Immaculate baby, you're lookin magnificent, different shit
Whiles we talkin, lets get intimate
Frontin like you aint even fuckin, actin all innocent
Wait, you know you fuckin with the fresh, baby
When I bunch, you're the type to say rub it in my flesh, baby
Crazy the way you chatter lay me like a baby
On the mattress, caress and lick me like a nestles, baby
Woo, you put a tingle up a niggas spine
Got me twitchin all funny while we fuckin and spillin wine, yo
I love the way my shorty treat me
How she be throwin it back, the way my shorty freaky
Yeah, my shorty wildin, it's a full moon
While I'm blowin her back with surveillance all up in the room
Damn, so now we fuckin like we ignorant
Ladies who we can get with the vivrant, vivrant, yo,

Its such a vivrant, vivrant, a vivrant viv
A vivrant, vivrant, yo, yo
That's just a vivrant, vivrant, vivrant, viv
Yo yo a a yo yo yo yo
Its such a vivrant, vivrant, vivrant, viv
Vivrant, vivrant, yo yo
Its such a vivrant thing, a vivrant viv
Yo yo a a yo

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