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Pierce The Veil – Yeah Boy And Doll Face lyrics

Were you honest when you said,
"I could never leave your bed"?
Wake me up and let me know

And will you fall in love
Is the scent slowly spreading?
I've been answering machines
All night.

Now the doctors dancing in,
While the ambulances sing.
Another boy without a sharper

The moment, that's where I
Kill the conversation, wrap this up
With a knife that loves to
How do you know how deep to go before it's

Take me home,
Can I even
Complicate your breathing?
I guess I'm just your average

This is me,
With a knife in the back and a grip on the grass, it's cold
And I don't want to be here.
I guess I'm never comfortable or situational

(Are we losing or beginning
To try a new life without you

The moment, that's where I
Kill the conversation, wrap this up,
With a lie that I'm enjoying
Every minute with

And she could make hell
Feel just like home,
So I'm never leaving her

But if your lightning lips aren't mine,
Then I don't know the awkward stranger to my right,
But she's crying.

I only need one hand to drive,
When you're with me.
You are my getaway.

Oh no,
And don't you ever feel alone?
And don't you wish you were home,
Cut the lust tonight?

Alright, alright tell me why my,
Little Mona Lisa told a

Do you want me,
Do you want to let me know that you're okay?
A diamond gold ring,
Customized to cut your

But I couldn't let you go,
No, I never let you go my dear.
So keep talking cause I love to hear your voice,
Your voice again.

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Yeah Boy And Doll Face meanings Post my meaning

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    A guy is emotionally unstable but has a lover that he really feels for but starts to question her loyalty. He tries to kill himself and it becomes apparent that she is cheating on him. He knows she's cheating on him but doesn't know what to do about it. He tries leaving her but feels he can't because he still has feeling for her. They both have emotional problems and their relationship is unstable yet they can't stop seeing each other.
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  • b
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    I feel like the "complicate your breathing" means that no matter what happens to him it still will not effect her in any way, she will continue on with her life like nothing happened. The "i don't know the awkward stranger to my right" means that no matter how hard he tries he will still not feel the same with a new random person. Its awkward meeting new people especially after you have been hurt. The fear of the same fate eats away at you on the inside. A hole. I pulsating but broken heart. It keeps going but you can't understand why.
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  • k
    I honestly believe that the whole song was about a couple promising to be together until the end and in the end someone (the girl in this case) backs out leaving the other partner feeling lost and confused without her by his/her side. I assume it's a girl because of the Mona Lisa reference. Mona Lisa is an unknown female who is believed to be the wife of Florentine merchant Francesco del Giocondo. Nobody is really certain of her and her date though. Bringing me to believe that his "wife" reminds him Mona Lisa because her love is unknown to him. He feels it towards her but he knows that she doesn't love him the same. The awkward stranger part refers to if she is not his loving wife then he doesn't know this mysterious women who is crying anymore. His love with seemed to be a lie. In the end, he would rather his "wife" be dead than not loving him. The whole "a diamond gold ring" part really backs up that his love for was filled with good intentions until her prevalent un-interest in him settled in. All she has ever had towards him was lust and that was what killed him the most. In the end, she's dead and a mystery still, but he realizes the only thing that seemed to stay the same about her was the sound of voice. Now re-read the entire song. I feel like this plot makes the whole song come together in my head.
    This is only my opinion and I don't know if it's true or not, but if it was I praise Vic for hiding these meanings so carefully. Thank you for reading!
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    I don't think my meaning is the only meaning, nor do I think mine is completely right. I'm basing this completely off what I can get from the lyrics and music video. I didn't google anything the band said about any meaning in this song. This is just my opinion. I think that his fiancé ("...diamond gold ring...") cheated on him ("...little Mona Lisa told a lie...") and so he attempted to commit suicide but failed. He feels like he can't give up on her, even though he knows he has to. That's what I get from the song, but I find different meaning if you look into the music video. What I get from that is maybe she broke up with him. Grieving with pain, he tries to kill himself. His ex finds him, calls and ambulance, and he lives. The parts he's saying that she's lying was her saying something like "I don't want to see you again" but she came and saved him after a suicide attempt. I'm not sure and probably wrong but one thing I defiantly catch from this is an unhealthy relationship and suicide. The song does make room for some interpretations though.
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    "take me home," "dont you ever feel alone/ and dont you wish you were home" means he feels lost and alone, he doesn't know where he is, or what to do. He doesn't know who he is or where he belongs.
    I agree with the idea that he probably cuts himself over her because she's cheating. He says that if she is cheating, she's a stranger. This sounds like he's in denial, trying to cope and keep her. Lines that support the cutting theory include "wrap this up/ with a knife that loves to feel/how dfo you know how deep to go before its real," "i only need one hand to drive. "
    I also think she wouldnt marry him, but he was willing to wait for her and go on dating her for as long as he could. "a diamond gold ring/customized to cut yoru circulation/but i couldnt let you go. "
    Because he thought she was cheating, he didn't feel enough for her, "can i even complicate your breathing/i guess im just your average boy"
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      A guy is emotionally unstable but has a lover that he really feels for but starts to question her... Read more →
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      I feel like the "complicate your breathing" means that no matter what happens to him it still will... Read more →

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