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None Shall Return – Our Hate Flows Like Wind lyrics

We're ready for a long journey,
That will lead us to our death.
Cowards stay with the olds.
We all wait for the bell to toll.

Our hearts feel no fear,
Our wifes she'd no tear.
The ship has come,
We shall be gone,
Rise above and honor our tribe.

Our tribe enrages,
As motherless slaves (are)
Ripped and tortured,
Without mercy.

Our souls incinerate,
As we take one more
Young blood with us,
To the other side.

Our hate,
Our hate flows like wind.

Our hate,
Our hate flows like wind.

I'm death, I'm hate
I'm pain, I'm angst.
I feel no pain, I she'd no tear,
I kill the blind, I mute the deaf.

The time has come to spear the seer,
The horde will rise the horde will cheer.
Ready the knife, blood will spill.
Poisoned blood, poisoned with fear.

Soon it will end serenity...
Tenacious kings, won't be pleased.
They will require more whores, more wars.
The war will go on, the birds will soar.
Over the sky so high.

Carnage and death at the edge.
Mutilated rotting pieces of flesh.
Our souls incinerate as we take
One more young blood with us,
To the other side.

Our hate,
Our hate flows like wind.

Our hate,
Our hate flows like wind.

Flows like wind.

Flows like wind.

Now, the point you're missing is that pain
Will give us only strength.
Bow, bow to the fittest, the one with the
Thickest skin, the one that ignores pain.
I'm insane, like the rain.
The reign of pain and misery.
I fucking hope that your heart will fill with worms.

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