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Megadeth – Peace Sells lyrics

What do you mean I don't believe in God?
Talk to him every day

What do you mean I don't support your system?
I go to court when I have to
What do you mean I can't get to work on time?
Got nothing better to do
What do you mean I don't pay my bills?
Why do you think I'm broke? Huh?

If there's a new way
I'll be the first in line
But, it better work this time

What do you mean I hurt your feelings?
I didn't know you had any feelings

What do you mean I ain't kind?
Just not your kind
What do you mean I couldn't be President Of the United States of America?
Tell me something, it's still 'We the people', right?

If there's a new way
I'll be the first in line
But, it better work this time

Can you put a price on peace?
Peace, peace sells, peace, peace sells
Peace sells, but who's buying?

Peace sells, but who's buying?
No, no, no, no, no!
Peace sells
Peace sells

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  • y
    What do you mean? Are you saying that if everyone cared for God there would be no more war, you sure read a little more history dude, many countries and civilizations have started wars in the Name of God.
    I do not think that they are necessarily saying that as a society that we are war hungry, I think that they are actually stating the opposite, that we live in a society which loves the idea of peace, but deep done no one is willing to sacrifice anything for peace. And therefore, peace sells. But whose buying.
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  • n
    It talks about the goverment and all the people that follow. Everyone goes to war when its not even our war. There is no peace in this world everyone has somehting to complain about and the President does nothing because all of the citizens are in it for themselves. God knows there will be no peace and if citizens and goverment really cared about God, then there would be no wars, economic struggles, killings, famine, and all the bad things that are done. Government can not bring peace to this world, but they sell it.
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