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McFly – That Girl lyrics

1, 2, 3, 4...
[Guitar Intro]
Went out with the guys and before my eyes,
There was this girl she looked so fine,
And she blew my mind,
And I wished that she was mine,
And I said "Hey wait up 'cause I'm off to speak to her".

And my friends said
("you'll never get her, you're never gonna get that girl, you'll never get her, you're never gonna get that girl...")
And I don't care,
'Cause I loved her long blonde hair,
And love was in the air,
And she looked at me,
And the rest is history.
("Dude you're being silly 'cause you're never gonna get that girl"),
And you're never gonna get the girl,

We spoke for hours,
(She) Took off my trousers,
(Spent) Spent the day laughing in the sun
An' we had fun,
And my friends they all looked stunned,
Yeah yeah,
Dude she's amazing and I can't believe you got that girl.

And my friends said ("She's amazing and I can't believe you got that girl...")
She gave me more street cred',
I dug the books she read,
And how could I forget,
She rocks my world,
More than any other girl, Yeah yeah,
Dude she's amazing and I can't believe you got that girl,
And I can't believe you got the girl.

She looked incredible,
Just turned seventeen,
I guess my friends were right,
She's out of my league.
So what am I to do?
She's too good to be true.

1, 2, 3, 4,

[Guitar Instrumental]

But three days later,
Went round to see her,
But she was with another guy,
And I said "Fine",
But I never asked her "Why?",
And since then loneliness has been a friend of mine.

My Friends said,
("Such a pity, I'm sorry that you lost that girl...")
I let her slip away,
They tell me every day,
That it will be okay,
Yeah she rocks my world, more than any other girl yeah.

Dude it's such a pity,
And I'm sorry that you lost that girl,
And I'm sorry that you lost that girl.

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    There was this guy who saw an attractive girl sumwhere. And then his friends bet he wouldnt get her but luckily he did. He was so damn happy with her. Like. Ummm. He's out of his league?! Lol. But the girl was too much of a flirt. She left him for another guy.(I really don't think they're in a relationship! So it's okay.) and from that day on, they guy's lonely. X(. Sooo sad.! But hey, cheer up! There's more to life.! Nwhooohooo.
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