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Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man lyrics

Trouble Man 3: 48 Trk 6
Marvin Gaye
Original release Nov. 21, 1972
Tamla Records single #54228 released Nov. 21, 1972
Pop Chart #7 Dec. 16, 1972+
Album: 'Trouble Man' Motown Records la, ca.
#31453-0097-2 mst; Fox Movie 'Trouble Man'
Marvin Gaye - composer, drums, keybrds
Vocals & producer.
Trevor Lawre -sax (alto, baritone & tenor)
Bob Ragland - piano, strings, arr.
This trk - arr. Dale Oehler (horn & rhythm)
Gene Page - strings & strings arr., James Anthon - horn
& horn arr., Jack Hayes - arr, J. J. Johnson, Jerry Long
& Leo Shuken - arr.

I come up hard, baby
But now I'm cool
I didn't make it, sugar
Playin' by the rules

I come up hard, baby
But now I'm fine
I'm checkin' trouble, sugar
Movin' down the line

I come up hard, baby
But that's okay, cause
Trouble man
Don't get in the way

I come up hard, baby
I'm in for real, baby
Gonna keep movin'
Gonna go to town

I come up hard
I come up, gettin' down
There's only three things
That's for sho'
Taxes, death and trouble, h'oh!

This I know, man, is
This I know, sugar
Girl, ain't gon' let it sweat me, baby

Got me singin'
Yeah! Yea-aah!

Come up hard, baby
I had to fight
Took care of my bid'ness
Wit' all my might

I come up hard, awful hard
I had to win
Then start all over
And win again

I come up hard
But that's okay, 'cause
Trouble man
Don't get in my way
Hey, hey!

I know some places
And I see some faces
I've got the connections
I dig my directions
What people say, that's okay
They don't bother me, oh yeah

I'm ready to make it
Don't care what the weather
Don't care 'bout no trouble
Got myself together
I feel the kind of protection
That's all around me

I come up hard, baby
I be for real, baby
With a trouble minds
Movin', goin' to town

I come up hard
I come up, gettin' down
There's only three things fo' sho'
Taxes, death and trouble

Ooh, this I've known, baby, ooo!
This I've known, baby
Ain't gon' let it sweat me, baby

'I'm on the ground, yeah, yeah! '

Woo, I come up hard
But now I've cooled
I didn't make it, baby
Playin' by the rules

Come up hard, baby
Now, I'm fine, I've
Checkin' trouble, sugar
Hey, movin' down the line


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