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Mad Sin – Revenge lyrics

We're the things that were and shall be again!
This ain't no nightmare, this ain't no dream
This is reality, the worst you've ever seen
This is the time boy, this is the place
This is the truth and it flushes in your motherfuckin' face
I'm six foot down in my grave so cold
Buried alive near the underworld
I'm six foot down in my grave so cold
But I'm gonna scratch my way back out into your world
You tried so hard boy to get rid of me
But i'll be back and you gonna make my day
You are a liar, a dirty hack
You're time has come and there ain't no turning back
I am the conscience, I am the knife
I am the chainsaw that cuts away your live
This is reaction, this is insane
This is my revenge - feel the pain

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