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Luther Vandross – I Wanted Your Love lyrics

I wanted your love
Luther Vandross and Marcus Miller
(album: busy body - 1983)

Yeah, your love...

All of the band was on time for rehearsal
And played everything just right
Then came the news telling me not to worry
The show is selling out tonight
Well, the lights went on and suddenly the crowd began to scream
And as you could well imagine, it was like living a dream
Oh, but when the lights went down and the standing "O" was done
I was just another lonely guy who didn't have no one

(I wanted your love, your love baby, your love baby, your love)
(Your love, your love, love, love love, love)
Give me your love, give me your love, give me your love
(I wanted your love, your love baby, your love baby, your love)
(Your love, your love, love, love love, love)
Well Well, your love

So busy daydreaming 'bout you, baby
I didn't even hear the phone
Then, when my friends rang the doorbell it scared me
They said, we're so glad you're home
You just won a million dollars and a trip around the world
Better get yourself together and forget about that girl
They thought I was acting crazy not to get excited too
But all the money in the world could never take the place of you

Repeat Chorus

All over the city the lights were so pretty
The holiday was filled with cheer
The stars really glistened and lovers were kissin'
It was the special part of the year
So what a perfect time it was to find someone to say I do
Thought that I could still be happy even though she wasn't you
We had told the world that we were gonna ring the wedding bell
But when I really thought about it I was lying to myself

Repeat Chorus and Fade

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