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Lsg – My Side Of The Bed lyrics

No, no, no
How can I express
My apology to you
I know I better pay
For all the things I put you through
Lying 'bout my whereabouts
I don't even take you out no more
So it wasn't a surprise to me
When I found my clothes outside my door

1 - Before you put me out
Girl, please understand
I ain't nuthin' special
I am just a man
Who loves you with all my heart
But I didn't use my head
I swear that I'll be back, girl
So just keep it warm
On my side of the bed
On my side of the bed

I know how I would feel
If you went astray
Thinking 'bout somebody lovin' you
Better than I do, girl
Would make me go insane
Can I have a kiss goodbye
And I'll be on my way
Believe me I'll be on my knees
Beggin' you take me back someday

Repeat 1

I don't know what I'd do
If I can't spend my time with you
I'll miss calling out your name
It wouldn't be the same
Not waking up and seeing you
To "show" beats "tell" all day
Girl, I'm gonna find a way
To show you that I changed
And I ain't playing games
I know I gotta leave
But I'll make you believe

Repeat 1

It's gon' be always my side
Um my, my, my, my, my side
It's gon' be always my side
Um my, my, my, my, my side

Repeat 1

It's gon' be always my side
Um my, my, my, my, my side

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