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Lil Wayne – Romance lyrics

I always do you favors, that's romance that's romance that's romance
I fucked you on your job, that's romance, that's romance, that's romance
And I don't give a fuck but I got to, I got to yeah yeah
They say the best part of waking up is breakfast after a nut
And that's romance, that's romance, that's romance, that's romance
We fuck and crash that's romance, that's romance, that's romance

[ Verse 1]
Fuck my hand, suck my thumb
Be ah lady and buy me lunch
Send me cards make me read
But don't send me no flowers unless it's weed
Cause I'm that nigga, she said I'm that nigga
She ain't got a man but act like I'm that nigga
She check my phone, what's that 'bout?
Any other ho I would've cursed her ass out
But that's romance, that's romance, that's romance, that's romance
She kiss my ankle when I twisted my ankle
She even did anal when she don't do anal
My bitch, I'm thankful
Let's hold hands (can we?)
Let's slow dance (shall we?)
And we gon be like 1, 2 - 1, 2
[ From: ]
She said I'm the one, girl you the one too
I stand up in that pussy like a sunroof


[Verse 2:]
Ok, now give me coochie at my mama's crib
On thanksgiving everybody's listening
All your home girl's bad and they our guest
Let'em all in and I'll play chef
That's romance cause we so real
She said she can not take the pain
If it's not a pill
She said fuck these hoes
They just mad
We fucked a ho together, that's romance
If you got cups then I got drinks
I take my rubber off and put that money in the bank
I ain't your friend, fuck that shit
Tryna find another me girl good luck with that shit

[Hook x2]

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