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The Killers – A White Demon Love Song lyrics

White demon love song down the hall
White demon shadow on the road
Back up your mind, there is a call
He isn't coming after all
Love this time
She likes the way he sings
White demon love song's in her dreams

White demon, where's your selfish kiss?
White demon sorrow will arrange
Let's not forget about the fear
Black invitation to this place that cannot change
While strangely holy, come for a rain


White demon, widen your heart's scope
White demon, who let your friends go?
White demon, widen your heart's scope
White demon, who let your friends go?

Let us be in love
(Let us be in love)
Let's do old and grey
(Let's do old and grey)
I won't make you cry
(I won't make you cry)
I will never stray
(I will never stray)
I will do my part
(I will do my part)
Let us be in love tonight

White demon, widen your heart's scope
White demon, who let your friends go?
White demon, widen your heart's scope
White demon, who let your friends go?

(Stand it anymore, darling)
(Stand it)

(I can't stand it anymore, darling)
(Stand it)

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  • v
    I totally agree with Luvmichaels. I have been a fan of both the saga and the killers for ages, and now twilight is all commercial and stupid (though I still love it secretly) and I cannot stand the thought of those little retarded bandwagonners who only like twilight since the movie came out doing the same with the gods that are the killers. And they so did that with muse btw. As though muse haven't been awesome forever. Urgh. X
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  • l
    Me, I wasn't excited when I heard they would be on the New Moon soundtrack. I was ticked off. I love the Twilight saga, and I have to be atleast one of The Killers biggest fans. The thing is, a bunch a retard girls are going to hear the soundtrack and then think that The Killers are some 'Hot New Band'. And that really agrivates me, since they're not new. They did that with Muse, they're bound to do it with the amazingly talented, The Killers. But anyways, I love the song.
    Great Work Brandon, and the rest of the band.
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  • h
    Hey everyone! This is not the way the lyric is. Starting with the chorus. Is. White demon why don't your hearts go? White demon who let your friends go? In the beginnig of the song is "SHE HEARS IT COMING AFTER ALL" not "HE ISN'T COMING AFTER ALL" and A little after that it says "COME FOR THE RAIN" and is "COME POURING RAIN". I'm sure everyone is sayin "How the hell you know that you are not the one that has the wrong lyrics?" I know beacuse I got the original book of lyrics of the New Moon soundtrack (I've already known the Killers for a while and I love them. This song is the only reason why I bought the book. To play it in guitar". So I think that if someone is kind enough to change it (I'll admit I don't know how) it will help a lot of people to get a better view of this beautiful song! Thanks!
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