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Jason Aldean – Black Tears lyrics

She puts on her work clothes
Fishnets and pantyhose
She’s got a nickname everybody knows
At the gentleman’s club

She clocks in at midnight
Even though it never feels right
She makes her money one dollar at a time
Without the makeup nobody knows her name
And she wears the pain

Black tears, rolling down
From the eyes of an angel in a sinner’s town
She reveals, and they all cheer
But then she cries black tears

Jealous of the innocence
But sometimes she’s convinced
The boss man is still a friend she needs

But she’s tried everything, cheap s** and cocaine
Anything to hide the pain for a little while
The wrong kind of famous in her momma’s eyes
You can tell she knows it when she cries

Black tears, rolling down
From the eyes of an angel in a sinner’s town
White lines off the mirror
Just won’t hide black tears

She tries and tries so hard to get away
But everybody’s watching

Black tears, rolling down
From the eyes of an angel in a sinner’s town
If all the pain would just disappear
She’d quit crying, yeah she’d quite crying black tears

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    This is a very good song but it's very emotional, I feel it means a young woman is doing her best to make money but she hates her job So very much and wants to quit but she needs the money and everyone's watching her. So there for she crystal black tears. The black tears part means she wears so much makeup to look pretty that her mascara is coming off when she crystal.
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