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Immature – I'll Give You Everything lyrics

I makes all the money, uh
I makes all the money, uh
I makes all the money, uh
I makes all the money

Rome got all the mommies, check it
Spending 30 G's on clothes, not sweatin' it
Yo wait, you see the sl 500
Trip, I gotta answer my flip
Let's see what my next move will be
I gotta make it good for all the honiez
For all the honiez, for all the honiez
Ha ha ha ha

The summer breeze
You're holding my hand
Girl you don't understand
Exactly what you're doing to me
Memories reminding me of you
And all the things you do
Has got me hooked on lovin' you

You and I (you and I)
We were meant to be (we were meant to be)
I'll give you everything you need (everything you need)
You and I (you and I)
Our love remains (our love remains)
As long as we don't play no games (play no games)


I'll give you all of me
Can't you see?
No matter what they say
I'll give you everything that you need
You got a hold on me
Can't you see?
I'll never change my ways
I'll give you everything that you need

Reminisce all night
Just kickin' it
Even when I'm miles away
My heart belongs
To you only
Try to try
In love one time
I won't let you down
Just believe in me



Rome makes all the money, check it
24 K Rolex, wreck it
Money makin' rebel, laced
Put all the cash in the suitcase, mmmmmmm
Respect the way I freak the track
The way I freak the track
The way I freak the track
Don't hit the pause
Got yo' head swingin' back
Ha ha ha ha


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