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I Set My Friends On Fire – CACAFUEGO, Nuestra Señora De La Concepción! lyrics

I'll pay you
To make me a treasure map
Of a cave, inside another cave,
Where I promise to behave.
I'll pay you
To make me a treasure map
Of a cave, inside another cave,
Where I promise to behave.

When your settings are erased,
You never know what's laced.
Chasing young girls after shots of whisky.
And I'm gonna gun an island.
Make my mark and you are my brand.

That's nice
Ruin her snout
That's fresh
Before I pull out
That's tight
How'd they squeeze that in a stuffed cat
And I won't
Be a freak,
Until after I get my test results next week.
Expostulate about avoidable
Lessons being taught.
Murder the conductor,
In your train of thought.
Post your synaptic inhibitions
Of quite adorable yawns.
Myocardial infarctions,
Tranquil motor neurons

I'm afraid that is incurable,
Our nexus isn't durable.

Suppressing infrared integral field spectrograph,

You need something to put between those
Dramatic heliopauses
A little extra needed for the next few scenes.
Stay mute, let me begin to unzip my jeans.

Far more lurid then a Defibrillator
Can't say I'm still the right, combinator.
Misplaced, misfired, unequivocally missed
Crossword puzzled cruciverbalist

I'm afraid that is incurable,
Our nexus isn't durable

Bee bullets came from natural bereavement,
I shot, they stung, but it was an accident,
An accident, was your added supplement
Feels good outside, detoxified, from your inside

Apart from the obvious dangers of being wrong,
Becoming complacent... Will tell us that
We have no choice when we actually do
Is that a new, Surprise to you

Asymmetrical formation and spatial distribution
Such a customary way of behavior, and evolution
The shortest path between two points, is still a distance
All metric places have lost their Paris

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