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Hurricane Chris Ft. Boxie – Playas Rock lyrics

Hook: 2x
See this how playas rock
See this how playas rock
See this how playas rock
See this how playas rock

If I don't like the way that she actig
Then I'm a tell her bye
How you gone play a playa
You know how playas ride
Game recognize game
And I been running game a lot
Never get caught in my lie
Cross my heart and hope 2 die

Verse 1:
Everythang was cool we was feeling each other
Chillin in the jacuzzi just water no bubbles
You know me I keep I keep it gutta
Hit it until you studda
Then she got to asking me questions
Like she was undercover

Like who was that lil chick that I let ride
Up I'm my ride
I'm a pimp so it ain't nuthin for me 2 think of a lie
But I'd rather keep it real
And tell her just how I feel
Looky here if you see me with anotha chick
Then that's just what it is
You ain't my main dame
I just beat you out the frame

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