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Hank Snow – The Gal Who Invented Kissin' lyrics

I loved a gal who invented kissin' I don't recall her name
But I do believe that gal should sit high up in the hall of fame
Until she came along just think what we were missin'
That's why today I'm shoutin' hooray for the gal who invented kissin'.

She thought the fellows how to smooth instead of holdin' hands
And she showed them how to steel a kiss like they do in foreign land
Until she came along just think what they were missin'
Loved was very nice but as cold as ice to that gal who invented kissin'.

--- Instrumental ---

She showed the girls how pucker up and roll their pretty eyes
And she showed them how to kiss hello and how to kiss goodbye
Until she came along just think what they were missin'
They could only cook or read a book till that gal who invented kissin'.

Mr Edison he invented the lights Mr Bell the telephone
And Columbus found America their names're all well known
But till she came along this world had somethin' missin'
And I'm tellin' you there was nothin' to do till that gal invented kissin'.

--- Instrumental ---

She ever knows how to kiss so fire and how to kiss goodnight
On every kind of hug and kiss she holds a copy rhyme
And if I had my wish the only thing I'm wishin'
Is to make a date and stay out late with the gal who invented kissin'...

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