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Guerilla Black – Say What lyrics

[Into: Guerilla Black]
This is dedicated to my nigga Easy-E
Compton (Compton)
Rest in peace my nigga (rest in peace my nigga)

(Hook 1)
Say what?
I'ma hustler
I'ma coma say workin on my doublea
Hit the block real hard, and I'ma sew it up
Police push up cause they notice us
(Hook 2: Guerilla Black)
L. A. - what's the business?
Vegas- what's the business?
D. C. - what's the business?
Chi-town- what's the business?

[Verse 1: Guerilla Black]
I'm from a place called Compton, California
Most of my dogs smoke marijuana
Most on the run from them folks
Whenever they come
They throw that dope
Some swallow it and put in they butt
Not me I stash mine up in the tuck
Mom say son don't be no fool
I'm trying to buy a Bentley, a house on the pool
I just want a piece of the American dream
But Uncle Sam he don't want to share wit me
So when they called up my amigos
He told me bring'em a 10 and kilo

(Hook 1)
(Hook 2: Guerilla Black)
Atl- what's the business?
Miami- what's the business?
Dallas- what's the business?
Houston- what's the business?

[Verse 2: Guerilla Black]
Lord knows it's so damn hard in da struggle
Everybody got either a job or a husel
Bush got everybody going to war
I'm trying to put some 15's up in my car
This is for my baby momma's on food stamps
Girl don't be mad if you lost ya man
It's another dude that'll take his place
Love ur bullet wound and the scar on ya face
And I'ma keep it real
That's the way that is iz
As long as I'm around
I don't play that shit
This is for all my dogs on my block
Hustling from 5 around the clock

(Hook 1)
(Hook 2: Guerilla Black)
Jack town - what's the business?
New York - what's the business?
New Orleans - what's the business?
Detroit - what's the business?

[Verse 3: Guerilla Black]
It's 2004, I got the 64
On some 24's wit da stop and go's
I got a pinky ring
Wit da prince's cuts
Most of dez cats
They mindless mutts
I got some Air Force 1's, wit my kaki's on
Wit da fresh throwback and my glasses on
I love the bubbly
I'm not ur man or hubby
I'm handsome no not ugly
It's the flow spit tin, go getting, high class to chicken
By pass those pigeons hell
Shake; shake when I got the pop in wader
Turn a double up to a brand new quarter

(Hook 1)
(Hook 2: Guerilla Black)
Memphis- what's the business?
Cleveland- what's the business?
St. Louis- what's the business?
Philly- what's the business?
V. A. - what's the business?
Carolinas- what's the business?
New Jersey- what's the business?
Phoenix- what's the business?
Mobile- what's the business?
Hartford- what's the business?
Little Rock- what's the business?
Cashville- what's the business?

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