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Gordon Lightfoot – May I lyrics

Finders, keepers, losers, weepers
Ring around the rosy and I'll catch you if I can
And if you don't say may I, then you'll have to start again
But first you must indulge me and count from one to ten
Let the game begin
I adore you when you touch me
Pin the tail upon the donkey, you will surely win
And if you don't say may I, then I'll pass the cake around
And I won't give you any, but you won't make a sound
You don't eat soap, anyhow

Red light, green light, blue light, yellow light
You can take three giant steps or a baby step will do
But if you don't say may I, then I'll march you out the door
Where you'll be contemplating the numbers one to four
I hope you're keeping score

Cause if you don't say may I, then I'll get you with the hose
And spoil your Sunday clothes Will it please you if I tease you
While you're at the spindry, I'll pass the pie around
But you won't make a sound
You don't eat blackbird anyhow

There's four and twenty reasons why it can't be wrong
How long have you been gone
Finders, keepers, losers, weepers
Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater
Wear your sneakers around sound sleepers

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