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Goofy – Spotlight lyrics

Chorus: Mi gyal, mi gal. It's not your fault if you're hotter than pepper.
Modeling ah gwaan and your body trendsetter.
Not your fault if you feel just right an you're born ready fi di spotlight

Verse 1: Mi gyal, yu a mad dem an a flood dem an a lead dem all di way.
Nuttin baad a call dem don't haffi sey about yu
Caw yu nuh mix inna dem skettle crew
Nuh true boo?
But anytime yu pass thru traffic haffi halt
Man a give yu key fi open di money vault
But just like di sea ah so dem dere salt
An a mek it look like it ah your, your...


Verse 2: mi gyal, dem a gwan like yu nuh mek no man nuh see dem
An so so is all man give dem
Every deejay trample out dem riddim
Like di apple dem gyal dere forbidden
But thru how yu hot gyal mi know mi haffi catch ya
Whole a Main Street crew nah stop watch ya
An if yu punch har mi will pat yu


Verse 3: Mi gyal, mi a di judge an di jury
An fi lookin' good mi find yu guilty.
Guilty! Fi your likkle cute face
Guilty! Fi your platinum shape.
Guilty! Fi your platinum hips.
Guilty! Fi di bump ova your chest
Life on your side that's whay your hot.


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