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George Jones – Bone Dry lyrics

Baby, wants me to go cold turkey, bone dry
No Jack Daniels, no Jim Beam whiskey, bone dry
No stoppin' after work for a beer with the guys
Nothin' in the mornin' to open my eyes
Well, I'm comin' down from a permanent high, bone dry.

I got my doubts if I can make it, a-bone dry
It's a crazy world, I don't know if I can take it, a -bone dry
It's only been an hour, I'm startin' to shake
Sixty more minutes and I know I'll break
How much more of this hell can I take, bone dry.

Well, bone dry, boy am I dry as a bone
How'd I ever say I'd ever leave it alone
Break down, shake down layin' in bed
Covers are soaked and I'm damn near dead, and I'm bone dry.

Baby took a look at her cold turkey, bone dry
I tried to smile but my mouth wasn't working, I was bone dry
This is one promise that I'm gonna keep
Unless I get lucky and die in my sleep
One way or the other I'm gonna be bone dry.

Well, bone, dry why am I dry as a bone
Why'd I ever say I'd ever leave it alone
Break down, shake down layin' in bed
Covers are soaked and I'm damn near dead, bone dry.

Bone dry, bone dry, bone dry...

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    Kathy Roberts
    My first husband was Always a huge fan of George Jones. Said he was his drinking buddy. I first heard Bone Dry at the age 16 on an old 8 track tape he had borrowed. I searched for 25 years for the song and finally found it on an old 8 track and gave to my husband 6 months before he passed away. Just seeing these lyrics again brings back some special memories to me. Thank Youvgeorge and may you rest in peace. You finally get to meet the man you admired as much as yoyr own daddy Tommy. Sing the songs for the Angels nice and pretty boys.
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