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Garnet Mimms – A Quiet Place lyrics

Johnny, Johnny Dollar

Lady, lady, lady
Why do you holler
Ain't nobody seen
Your Johnny Dollar

I can't get no sleep
In this noisy street
I've got to move
(I've got to move)
I've got to find me

A quiet place

There's a man next door
With a radio and he plays it
All through the night
There's a couple in the
Apartment above my head
That don't do nothing
But fuss and fight


Tell me, where do you go
When you got no dough
There must be a way
Out of here

But I've got to find
Some peace of mind
There must be a place
That I can find

Believe me when I tell you
There's a cat that gets
Under my window and
He meows all the time

There's a drunk that wakes me
In the middle of the night
Singing Sweet Adeline

[Chorus:] 2X

Oh, I've got to move
(I've got to move)
I've got to find me
A quiet place

I got to get away from
This noisy street

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