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Fra Lippo Lippi – Later lyrics

How can you come with me
When you knew all along that you had to go

How could you watch me sleep close to you
Pretending not to know
How could you memorize my name
And forget who I am
could you think you're still the same
Believing I can
It's too late to start pretending
It's too late for a new beginning
Later than the sunset
Later than the rain
Later than never
To love you again
How could you ask for more
Than an innocent smile
Trust in me to stay
How could you close the door
And leave me here
Supposing I'm okay
could you break down my disguise
And uncover my fears
How could you look into my eyes
Ignoring my tears
Yeah, yeah
It's too late

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  • u
    All we could say is "it's too late" for everything, but I still believe that we can work out and give each other a chance to love each other again. In the first place, love is still there, and it isn't hard to keep it alive. One day, at the right time, we can give ourselves a chance to be happy, in each others' arms.
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  • u
    Funny how some people would always want to be first on their partner's priority list. This seems to be one-sided though. They should understand that they also have to learn to give up their own needs as well. If you really love someone, you really wouldn't care how much it hurts to be always on the giving end. After all, true love doesn't keep count of how much one has given to the other and neither does it keep track of how much the other owes in return.
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  • u
    Everytime I hear this song I feel all the pain from my ex boyfriend. And I just wanted to cry for what happened to our relationship. But then siguro nga di tlaga kami para sa isat isa, everytime na magtry ako magmahal sa iba parang natatakot nakong masaktan at umiyak. Kaya siguro naglalagay ako ng wall or harang. Para di mainlove. Kaso nakakamiss lang kasi mainlove when you know thar someone loves you, taking care of you, supporting you and never leaves you alone. I know its hard to find someone that will loves you and never lasts.
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    For me, the song is all about loving an insensitive person. Parang kayo, na parang hindi. He told you that he loves you pero di niya mapanindigan. Kahit anong gawin mo di ka makapasok sa mundo niya dahil masyado siyang maraming priorities and you are last on his list. And everytime na kasama mo siya mas nararamdaman mo yung pain at insecurities kaya gusto mo nalang siya i-let go at palayain ang isa't-isa mula sa isang relationship na wala rin namang patutunguhan,.
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  • g
    Every time I hear this song, all I want to say is:

    "It's too late to be with him again
    It's too late for the second chance
    And it's too late for both of us."

    I try to pretend there's no pain I feel, controlling my tears fell down. But still I feel pain until now. And it's hurt deep inside - because still love "M.J."
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